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Introducing Tenmou's New Board Members

We are pleased to announce the formation of a new board of directors, led by Suhail Ghazi Al-Gosaibi as he quotes ‘’Happy to be pioneers in this field, we look forward to servicing Bahrain's entrepreneurial ecosystem for many years to come, as well as leading it.’’

Vice President Issa Al Dosari, and members Abdul Husein Diwani, Ali Al-Baqali, Waseem Abu Hamad, and Fahd Al-Gosaibi as members. We would also like to thank Mr. Sami Mohamed Jalal, Mr. Adel Almaskati, and Mr. Fawaz Algosaibi for their support and contribution to Tenmou's success.

Meet our latest members!

Hope project is the investment arm of the Hope Fund, and its mission is to encourage the entrepreneurial spirit and help Bahrain's youth through their Hope Projects investment arm. Encouraging Bahraini enterprises to start up or grow by access to knowledge, equity investment, or facilitation of opportunities.

Welcoming Local Bh, everyone's favorite Instagram account!

LocalBH is a new-age digital media publication, focused on delivering relevant, insightful, and entertaining content with a positive spin to both, locals and ex-pats, of Bahrain. Since launching in November 2019, LocalBH has grown to become the #1 source of content for Gen Z and Millennials in Bahrain. Since then, Local has expanded into the UAE market, having launched Local Sharjah (@LocalSHJ) in July 2021.

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