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The best moments of a wonderful year coming to an end.

Fasten Your Seatbelts Collective Hub is here again!

Over the last three months, our organization has seen many successes, setbacks, and moments of unity that make us who we are. We are happy to announce that the hard work and dedication of our team has paid off, as we have successfully completed projects and reached important milestones. We sincerely thank each and every one of our community members for their invaluable contributions to our success as a group.

National Day BBQ

We are happy to announce that our National Day BBQ Night for Bahrain National Day was a huge success! It was a night of happiness, companionship, and a sincere celebration of our oneness and sense of pride.

The accomplishments of the event are a credit to all of your hard work, devotion, and spirit of cooperation. Everything was done with such precision, from the finely grilled treats to the painstaking planning, that everyone who came had an amazing day.

The links that unite us as The Collective Hub family and to celebrate our country day were reflected in the laughing, smiles, and sense of community that filled the air. Seeing everyone unite to celebrate this momentous occasion and promote a spirit of unity and patriotism was encouraging.

We would like to thank all of the team members for their amazing work. The National Day BBQ Night was a memorable occasion thanks to your dedication and excitement. As we collaborate and celebrate additional accomplishments in the future, let's keep up this great energy.

"To the women who inspire us daily with their hard work and dedication – thank you for being the heartbeat of our team!"

We would like to take a minute to commemorate International Women's Day and to convey our sincere gratitude to the outstanding women who work so hard and are so passionate about The Collective Hub.

This was a unique day to celebrate the successes and recognize the priceless contributions made by women to every facet of our company. You are all essential to our team's strength, diversity, and overall exceptionalness.

Not only do your perseverance, inventiveness, and dedication motivate your peers, but they also open the door to a more diverse and empowered workplace. We appreciate your beneficial influence on our business culture and acknowledge the distinct strengths and viewpoints you bring to the table.


We appreciate your ongoing dedication, enthusiasm, and upbeat attitude at work. We hope you feel appreciated today and every day.

Happy Women's Day!


Check out our women day video on instagram!!

Global Entrepreneurship Week

From Prince Abdulaziz Al Saud to Mr Suhail Algossibi We appreciate you sharing your thought-provoking ideas, priceless insights, and inspirational tales with us all this week. We appreciate the great influence you have had on our community and find you to be extremely inspiring in your dedication to using entrepreneurship to drive positive change in the world.

Without the combined efforts of everyone who attended, gave a presentation, or provided other assistance, Global Entrepreneurship Week would not have been a success. We will be thinking about this lively environment long after the week is over because of your passion and involvement.

Graduation of All Things Media

  We at The Collective Hub would like to take this opportunity to sincerely congratulate the students on their outstanding accomplishment of graduating from the All Things Media program! This really is a historic event that embodies all of their effort, commitment, and fortitude during their academic career.

We are really delighted to have witnessed their achievement and know that their dedication to excellence has not gone unnoticed. It is a noteworthy achievement and a testament to their drive and intelligence that they graduated from the All Things Media curriculum.

While you celebrate this well-earned achievement, keep in mind that education is a strong instrument that will lead to a world of opportunities. Congratulations once more on their graduation! May this accomplishment serve as the cornerstone of a prosperous and happy future.


We are excited to announce that 3 of the cohort members that won in the pitch night, The Collective Hub is supporting them with an investment for them to kick off their project or business! 


Our program members and guests enjoyed a thrilling evening as our "All Things Media" program cohort members take the stage to pitch their innovative media and creative industries companies to a discriminating panel of investors and industry insiders.

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Happy New Year! May it be filled with love, laughter, and unforgettable moments!


Relax and chill with Collective Hub, lets smile and laugh ht together!

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